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Orange Little League Website Changes
Thanks for checking out Orange Little League. We are not currently...
Welcome to the 2017 Little League Season
Players, Parents and Coaches,   Welcome to the 2017 Little...
Orange Little League Website Changes

Thanks for checking out Orange Little League.

We are not currently using this website for the 2017 season.

We are all over at www.orangesunrisell.org, so come on over there.

This year North Sunrise Little League and OLL are working, and playing in a very close relationship.  So, we are using that new website to communicate and organize ourselves during the regular season, instead of using the two separate websites each league already had.

We may come back here for the 2018 season, but we aren't committing to anything right now.  We are just out playing baseball.

If you want to sign up for the OLL email list please click here, and we will notify you about OLL specific events after the 2017 season.

Feel free to join the email list at www.orangesunrisell.org as well, by clicking here. If you do you will get all the information for both NSLL and OLL for the 2017 season.


by posted 02/07/2017
Welcome to the 2017 Little League Season

Players, Parents and Coaches,


Welcome to the 2017 Little League Season.


This is an exciting year for all of us.  We have combined our two leagues (Orange and North Sunrise) so that we have more players and teams and resources.  Combining our populations brings more flexibility with fields, more volunteer help and more fun.  I think the players will be thrilled to see classmates and friends from “the other league” on their teams this year.


Like any marriage, this combination brings some challenges with the benefits.  One of them was bringing the two databases together.  The solution is a single website that holds the data.  This new website will hold:


  • Team information
  • Game Schedules
  • Practice Schedules
  • Umpire schedules
  • The Season Calendar
  • Game Results
  • And More


In the next 24 hours, you will hear from your team Manager to welcome you to your team for the 2017 season.  Practices will likely begin Monday evening at your Manager’s discretion.


Opening day information and schedules will be announced by email and on the website as soon as we have all of the details settled. 

Coaches will be receiving information by separate email to explain equipment issue, key issue / control, player contact information, medical forms, practice schedules and time and location for a Coach’s Meeting.


Many volunteer positions still sit vacant.  If you have interest in helping, please contact me at   or Carlos Nunez at  .  I promise you that the more you invest in the league, the more fun you and your player will have. 


We are grateful for your commitment to the community and to this game that we love.



Greg Baker

Carlos Nunez


“Any game becomes important when you know and love the players.”

W.P. Kinsella, Shoeless Joe

by posted 02/03/2017
Field Status
Double A Field - Portola - Orange OPEN (5/28) 
Juniors Field - Portola - Orange OPEN (5/28) 
Majors Field - Sycamore - Orange OPEN (5/28) 
Single A Field - Portola - Orange OPEN (5/28) 
Snack Bar - Sycamore - Orange OPEN (5/28) 
T-Ball Field - Sycamore - Orange OPEN (5/28) 
Triple A Field -Sycamore - Orange OPEN (5/28) 
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