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Come to our opening day celebration! We are excited about the...
District 30 Scorekeeper Clinics
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District 30 Rules Clinics
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Come to our opening day celebration!

We are excited about the whole season, but opening day is a special day for us to celebrate our community, our players, and our game. We have big plans for opening day, this Saturday, February 23rd.

We have big plans including ...

  • Team photos
  • Parade of teams
  • Team banner competition
  • Special guests
  • Opening ceremonies.
  • Taco Cart
  • An orange Police Department car
  • Music
  • And more ...

Of course, we'll also have baseball games. See the schedules below for game and picture details.

Here is the picture schedule. Please have your team ready for pictures 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time. A free portrait and team picture are included in your registration. Order forms for additional portraits, team pictures, and buddy pictures, will be available at the picture booth.

Picture Schedule
Time Level Team
9:00 AM A Cubs
9:15 AM A Rangers
9:30 AM T-Ball Braves
9:45 AM T-Ball Astros
10:30 - 11:30 Opening Ceremonies
11:45 AM AAA Panthers
12:00 PM AAA Bears
12:15 PM T-Ball Dodgers
12:30 PM T-Ball Brewers
12:45 PM AA Yankees
1:00 PM AA Angels
1:15 PM Major Titans
1:30 PM Jrs. Orangemen


Here is the game schedule for this Saturday. We are still working out the details for the rest of the game schedule. Please be patient with us. We will post it as soon as it is ready.

OLL 2/23/19 Game Schedule
Time division visitor home field
1:00 PM AAA Panthers Bears OLL Majors
1:00 PM A Cubs Rangers OLL AAA
1:00 PM T-Ball Braves Astros OLL T-Ball
2:15 PM T-Ball Dodgers Brewers OLL T-Ball

Additional reminders

The last District-30 rules clinic is this Thursday. (See the OLL website for details.) We need umpires, managers and coaches who know the rules. If you want to help out at OLL it is a good idea to go to the rules clinic. Every team will be assigned a couple of home games to provide umpires for. You can be a hero on your team if you can say, "I can umpire our assignments".

To help develop our league volunteer umpires we will be having an umpire mechanics clinic this Sunday, February 24th, the day after opening ceremonies, from 2:00 to 4:30 on our AAA field.

District 30 is also having a scorekeeper clinic Wednesday night. (See the OLL website for details.) Every AA, AAA, and Major team needs a scorekeeper. This is another opportunity to be a hero for your team.

Uniforms are on their way.  Please wear full uniforms for pictures and opening day ceremony.  Team parents will be contacted with uniform pick up date and time information.

by posted 02/19/2019
District 30 Scorekeeper Clinics

All teams in the AA, AAA and Major division need to have a team scorekeeper. When your team is the home team your team is responsible to "keep the official book". To support our scorekeepers District 30 is having two scorekeeper clinics this year. These clinics will teach you all you need to know to keep the official score at your games. If you want to be the scorekeeper for your team please try to attend one of these clinics. Even if you are not the official scorekeeper for your team it would be good to have a backup scorekeeper attend a clinic for situations when the team scorekeeper can't make it to a game.

Here is date, time and location information for the two scorekeeper clinics.

Date Time Location
Wed., February 13th 6:15 - 9:00 PM Sierra Intermediate School
2021 N Grand Ave, Santa Ana
Wed., February 20th 6:15 - 9:00 PM Rancho Santiago Charter School
515 N. Rancho Santiago Blvd. Orange

by posted 02/13/2019
District 30 Rules Clinics

Do you know the rules of Little League Baseball? Lots of people think they know the rules but stumble when pressed on a detail or a complicated call. Now you can know for sure!

To support our volunteer managers, coaches and umpires District 30 is hosting two Rule Clinics.  Every team should have at least one coach or manager at one of the rules clinics. If the whole coaching staff and a parent or two can go even better.

We need volunteers to umpire our games. Every baseball game needs 4 things: a home team, a visitor team, a field, and an umpire. We organize the teams, fields, and umpires, but we also need people to step on to the field and make the calls necessary to have a game.  Each team Single-A through Majors will be assigned at least two games that they need to supply umpires for.  We may have umpires that you can pay, but it is best if someone volunteers to fill the umpire duty.  Parents, coaches, managers respect the umpires once they, or someone close to them, have umpired a game.

Here is the date, time and location information for the two clinics.

Date Time Location
Wed., February 13th 6:30 - 9:00 PM Santiago Middle School
515 N Rancho Santiago Blvd, Orange
Thu., February 21st 6:30 - 9:00 PM Sierra Intermediate School
2021 N Grand Ave, Santa Ana

We will be having an umpire mechanics clinic soon that will explain the physical aspect of umpiring a game, where to stand, where to look, how to move, etc., but the umpire mechanic clinics do not cover rules, that's what the rules clinics are for.

by posted 02/11/2019
Field Status
Double A Field - Portola - Orange OPEN (2/24) 
Juniors Field - Portola - Orange OPEN (2/24) 
Majors Field - Sycamore - Orange OPEN (2/24) 
Single A Field - Portola - Orange OPEN (2/24) 
Snack Bar - Sycamore - Orange OPEN (2/24) 
T-Ball Field - Sycamore - Orange OPEN (2/24) 
Triple A Field -Sycamore - Orange OPEN (2/24) 
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